Monthly Archives: April, 2014

Driver Ergonomics

Truck Driver Ergonomics: fitting the truck for the driver. Applying ergonomic principles in the workplace can greatly reduce the risk factors for injury and musculoskeletal disorders. Common risk factors: awkward posture, excessive force to move objects, repetitive prolonged actions and localized pressure. For truck drivers ergonomics are especially important. Sitting improperly puts stress on the...

Aging and Work

  The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, estimates that 1 in 4 Americans in 2020 will be over 55. The CDC has listed some strategies for employers to ensure they have an Age-Friendly Workplace to ensure safety, here are a few: Employee wellness programs (smoking cessation, meal planning, physical activity, on-site medical care) New technology […]

Construction: Safety and Prevention

Safety and Prevention are key to your workplace. OSHA is holding a “Safety Stand-down” to discuss safety topics such as ladder safety, personal protective equipment and scaffold safety. Join OSHA during the week of June 2-6, 2014. “Fall Prevention Training Guide, a Lesson Plan for Employees,” is available from OSHA: https://www.osh...