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Questions about DOT/CDL: Where can I get a DOT physical exam?

Where can I get a DOT physical exam? DOT physical exams can only be performed by Medical Examiners who have been licensed in accordance with state laws and regulations to perform physical exams. This can be a medical doctor, a physician assistant, advanced practice nurse. Our office, located in Levittown, serves the region in performing […]

Questions about DOT/CDL: Medical Review Officers and Medical Examiners

When applying or renewing your DOT license you are required to receive a physical exam by a Medical Examiner who is licensed in accordance with the State Laws to perform physicals examinations. A Medical Review Officer is a licensed physician who is responsible for reviewing lab results from employers drug testing programs. Industrial Health Care Center […]

Working in Confined Spaces

“This rule will save lives of construction workers. Unlike most general industry worksites, construction sites are continually evolving, with the number and characteristics of confined spaces changing as work progresses. This rule emphasizes training, continuous worksite evaluation and communication requirements to further protect workers’ safety and health.” — Assistant Secretary ...