Recently Fitbit, a wristband that tracts your activity, including your steps, distance you walked, calories burned and active minutes throughout the day has been implemented in corporate wellness programs. Most notably, Target.

Fitbit Wellness, the companies business-to-business program, partners with employers so that employees can purchase the device. Employers are given tools to track their employees performance and offer incentives for them to live healthier lives.

Target is offering 335,000 Fitbit’s to their employees and incorporating it into their wellness program. The interesting thing is that Fitbit recently added a HIPPA certification to it’s program, this allows them to market their program to self-ensured employers, ensuring that employees data with remain private.

Fitbit’s Flex model runs around $100 but it looks like a small investment may go a long way. Fitbit’s wellness program lists the benefits from the program including: creating a culture of well-being, increasing employee productivity, improving employee health statues and boosting acquisition and retention.

Research shows that companies without a focus on wellness lose about 15 percent of employees voluntarily.

Would you adopt Fitbit into your workplace? If your employer offered it, would you participate?

Our ideas of workplace are changing and evolving, it looks like the next step is wearable technology and with Fitbit’s recent HIPPA certification, it looks like wearable tech has the green light.

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