Workplace safety doesn’t just include personal protective equipment, proper lifting, or truck driver ergonomics (although, these are all essential) but it also includes preventative measures such as workplace drug testing.

Did you know that pre-employment drug testing can prevent future employee drug related issue, help ensure workplace safety and reduce overall costs related to employee drug use?  (i.e employee turnover, absenteeism, workplace accidents, related medical cost, theft etc. )

Pre-employment drug testing takes place after the employee receives a conditional offer. If the test comes back positive, the applicant will not be hired. By implementing pre-employment drug testing, your company may be eligible for cost saving programs offered by your health insurance company.

We offer & recommend pre-employment drug testing to all companies to ensure that your company has a safe and drug free workplace. We can also customized a program to meet the specific needs of your company.

There are many benefits to pre-employment drug testing, to learn more about the laws and guidelines around workplace drug testing, visit this site for more information.

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