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It’s that time of year: Flu shot season

Flu shots are important to corporate wellness programs, not only do they keep employees healthy, they help prevent absenteeism and they help recruit new employees illustrating that you are company that cares about employees health. Instead of having a flu shot day, one strategy is to have a flu shot clinic. Flu shot clinics can […]

Workplace Safety Works

This year, AT&T challenged it’s employees to live a healthier lifestyle. 15,000 employees participated and met the challenge to lose weight, quit smoking and engage in healthy activities. In 4 months, in total, employees who participated lost 40,000lbs. Encourage your employees to live a healthier lifestyle, set measurable goals and challenge them to lose weight. […]

Wearable Technology and Corporate Wellness

Recently Fitbit, a wristband that tracts your activity, including your steps, distance you walked, calories burned and active minutes throughout the day has been implemented in corporate wellness programs. Most notably, Target. Fitbit Wellness, the companies business-to-business program, partners with employers so that employees can purchase the device. Employers are given tools to track their [&h...